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WANTED:  Lyman enthusiast looking for a fully-restored Lyman boat, motor and trailer of show quality (rating 9 or 10 if possible)  A 15’ - 18’ Lyman.  Preferably an outboard, but will consider an inboard.  Would also prefer a 1950s vintage Lyman.  Price range up to $15,000 for a nice boat. Please contact Ron at email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 920-421-1316 (12/17)


Lyman boat parts from a 1959  20.5' Lapstrake Lyman Islander

  • 185 hp Ford Interceptor engine, with downdraft carburators & transmission - $675
  • drive shaft and prop - $100
  • various pieces of mahogany trim, including windshield - $150
  • 2 cast iron manifolds - $75
  • miscellaneous other parts - open pricing - call for details

All parts located in Montgomery, TX. Contact Art at 936-206-8083.  (4/19)


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